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Techloc Asset & Workforce Tracking

The Revolutionary TechLoc Technology is a simple workforce tracking app that is easy to use with no complicated or expensive barcode equipment required. No human input required – let TechLoc’s technology do the work, saving you time and money. Eliminate cumbersome systems that have too many moving parts.

Techloc Technology is completely cloud-based. No matter where you or your assets are, you have access to this powerful asset tracking app!
Whether you have thousands or a handful of workforce members and assets, TechLoc ensures everything is accounted for. No more missed billings, lost items or wasted time with our workforce tracking solution.

What you are going to get

• Workforce & Asset tracking for one affordable price
• Minimize spending on finding lost or forgotten Assets
• Protect your big-ticket items with the equipment tracking app
• Significantly increase ROI with TechLoc
• Let TechLoc’s Technology back up your admin team
• Maximize workforce efficiency with automated alerts
• Defendable, to the minute data sent to the cloud

Know where your assets are. TechLoc Trackers link your assets to any smartphone device. The tracker broadcasts the location of your assets, allowing you to track all assets both fixed and in transit.

How it Works

  • Tracking and managing assets and workforce from any smartphone has never been so easy
  • Download the TechLoc App to a smartphone, and sync with one of our TechLoc Trackers, creating a link
  • Add our TechLoc Trackers to any asset, and efficiently track
  • Track and control workforce by location, date and time

Your assets are expensive and knowing where your workforce is allocated is invaluable.
Stop guessing and start managing your teams and assets with TechLoc Asset and Workforce Tracking.

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