Affordable Asset Tracking

Techloc Affordability

Are your assets worth one dollar a month to you?

Are you currently utilizing a single purpose tracking device like GPS, barcode or RFID technology?

If so, STOP!

These technologies are expensive to set up with high initial hardware costs in the thousands per user. A typical GPS tracking system for your vehicle will set you back “per” Vehicle, not including the “additional “cost of installation

At $300 per year you might be able to justify tracking your vehicle but what about all of your other assets?

It’s too expensive – right?

What is the solution?

TechLoc. TechLoc provides a better solution starting at $1.00 per month, creating affordable asset tracking.

TechLoc Comparison Chart

Technology Typical Cost per month Typical Cost per year
GPS Tracking $25.00 $300.00
TechLoc Tracking $1.00* $12.00
Saving in dollars per asset $24.00 $288.00
96% 96%

You get far more than just a vehicle tracking system for this affordable fee.

• Minute by minute tracking of all your assets and workforce
• Ability to export all data for billing and payroll systems
• Control over where your assets and workforce can and can’t go
• Ability to track assets that previously would have been cost inhibitive to do

One excited plumbing contractor reported that “for $12.00 per year, I no longer have to replace equipment because it was lost. As soon as my team leaves the site driveway, they are reminded that they left their tools onsite“.

Tag It, Track It, Done!