Techloc Case Study


Steamatic knows what it means to not have control of its assets and personnel. Being in the disaster restoration business means that work volumes can increase dramatically as storms or events hit Australian shores. With such dramatic increases in work assignments comes the challenge of deploying their assets and their personnel as efficiently as possible. Steamatic relied on expensive GPS tracking of their vehicles but were unable to track assets as accurately as GPS tracking fees ,often $25 – $30 per month, just wasn’t financially affordable for their assets. With over 10,000 small and medium assets in the field Steamatic needed a solution.


Over the years Steamatic trialled many systems for tracking their assets. From paper based systems, barcode and eventually RFID.

“We tried everything we could but all solutions relied on individuals to record, scan, or recall and it only takes one mistake to destroy the integrity of the information ”  said Steamatic Australia CEO Oliver Threlfall. “we needed a solution that was simple, cost effective, and automatic”.


Steamatic Australia searched the world for a solution and found it in  TechLoc.

Steamatic have applied TechLoc tags to all their assets small and large and have decommissioned their GPS tracking system for their vehicles and now have a total solution that monitors to the minute their assets, their vans, their personnel all for a fraction of the cost of their outdate and expensive vehicle tracking solution.

Steamatic can now at a click of a button see where their assets are in real time, what assets they have in warehouse ready to be deployed, and where their staff and vehicles are at all times.

The added bonus of the introduction of TechLoc was the producing of accurate staff payroll input data. No longer relying on staff to complete time sheets was not only a time saver it also ensured its accuracy was second to none.

Having good knowledge where staff are all the time not only provided Steamatic with an exceptional tool for resource optimization it also provided an excellent Health and safety advantage as they could respond to any incidents immediately.

Oliver Threlfall added “ since we introduced TechLoc we have only lost one asset and that one was stolen. Sometimes assets are alleged to be missing from our sites but when we demonstrate to the occupants the TechLoc reports it amazing how often they manage to ‘find them’ in a cupboard”

Steamatic continue to utilise the TechLoc Trackers on more and more assets knowing that the benefits are real. They claim to have a Return On Investment  (ROI) of over 40 to 1 and where else can you track an asset  accurately every minute of the day for around a dollar or two a month !

Steamatic claim that whilst they aren’t losing their assets anymore,  the real benefit is understanding what has deployed to each job location and being able to substantiate this to their customers with accurate and independent reporting from TechLoc cloud based software solution.

A simple solution for what was a very complex and expensive issue for Steamatic now solved by TechLoc.

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