Powerful Time Savings

Minimize Downtime and Maximize Resource

Have you ever gone to a work site only to then find out that the asset you rely on wasn’t working?

TechLoc’s software has been designed to minimize downtime and maximize resource (asset and workforce) utilization resulting in a productive workforce.

Our solution was built by real users. TechLoc asset tracking solutions address all your needs to ensure that your vehicles, assets and workforce are efficiently deployed at any given moment.

Map based visualization of assets and workforce to the minute.
• “Asset out of service” ability to eliminate wasted time.
• Operators who might have accidentally loaded a broken piece of equipment is notified upon departure from the office.
Saving hours of wasted travel time!
• Easy view of asset and workforce to make best decisions and utilization.
No need for timesheets. The system has the data and can be exported for use, allowing for more efficient workforce management.
• Export all data into billing software of choice.
Automatic notification to staff when leaving a site that they have left an asset on location.
• Tracking software reports users data to the minute and can be exported to show hours on the job site, hours traveled and distance traveled.

Time is expensive. The TechLoc cloud-based asset tracking software delivers proven time savings!
Have you ever placed assets on site and lost the documentation to invoice for the usage?

TechLoc asset tracking solutions solve this problem for you! Our system calculates billable hours to ensure accuracy. Never search for lost documentation again!

Powerful Technology, Powerful Time Savings – TechLoc!

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