Simple GPS Tracker

Easy to install and to set up!

The TechLoc tracker is small enough to discreetly install on your assets with ease. It also comes with an easy-to-use asset tracking app.

Measuring just 25mm x 25mm x 12mm, the tag can be installed permanently with recommended adhesives or swing-tied using the eyelet. Once the asset tracking software has been installed, there is no maintenance. The tag has a battery life in excess of four years.

The tracking tag is linked to your asset and the data is sent to your cloud for viewing.

It really is simple!

• Each tracking tag is individually bonded with your asset of choice.
• Within the mapping software, you can color code or create a unique icon for easy monitoring.
• Receive notifications when assets are on the job sites (Geofence) for simple billing.
Allocate assets to categories or branches and easily move or modify later if needed.

Tag It, Track It, Done!