Tracker Technology

Beauty in Its Simplicity

TechLocs’ assets and workforce tracking app, like all great technology, relies on its simplicity to deliver. Utilizing the Bluetooth and cloud-based interface with the TechLoc App, users are in control of their assets and workforce resources to the minute, every minute, 24/7/365.

There is no human input required. Once a location is loaded, a geofence is automatically created around that location and all resources that enter and leave the site are recorded and able to be reported on through the cloud-based reporting system in real time.

The need for expensive hardware to be able to efficiently track only assets is a thing of the past. The simplicity of the TechLoc smartphone App provides massive cost savings and dramatic productivity enhancements which include mobile asset tracking. Modern mobile devices have changed the way business is done and allowed companies to simplify their processes and procedures.

This smart mobile asset tracking solution offers the following features:

• Automatically geofence all locations of interest
• Geofence adjustable in size to meet your requirements
Track your vehicles by the minute for less than $2 per month.
Map-based live view of all assets and workforce
Street view access all locations, vans and personnel so you know where they really are
• All reports and data are exportable for use elsewhere (payroll, billing, etc)
Automatically notifies users when they leave a location that they have left asset onsite.

Alternatives like barcode and RFID scanning rely on individuals to scan or record data.

TechLoc technology does not rely on any human input, thereby eliminating human error.

Tag It, Track It, Done!